February 2019   
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TUESDAY, November 6th

Please have your material/items at the church Mt. Mission storage units before Monday, November 5th, so that all of the items can be picked up while the truck is in the area.


*  Children's: Winter Clothes of all sizes;  
    coats, sweaters, socks, gloves, boots, hats, etc.
Men's  Clothes, underwear, socks & Shoes  (clothing both summer & winter)
*  Dishes, Pots and Pans, Small Appliances such as; George Foreman Grills, blenders, toasters, etc.

*  Household items, and of course, all of the other wonderful good and usable items you donate to
    the Mission.
*  5 gallon buckets with lids. (we are now doing a lot of our own truck maintenance at the Plant. 
    These are needed for oil changes)

FURNITURE:  Good used furniture

In addition to stocking our eight stores with clothing, we also BALE CLOTHING, that is just not of the quality we would like in our stores.  This brings extra money to the Mission to help pay expenses.  And please send us ALL KINDS of - not just gently used items.....we can bale clothing, belts, caps and purses.

Good boxes: banana, apple, tomato (these boxes stack so well) if possible please use these boxes or good sturdy boxes.

For the Mission Plant: 

cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hand soap, safety pins, large rubber bands, garbage bags (tall kitchen 13 gallon and 33 gallon size), bleach, Pinesol, Pledge or other furniture polish and dust mops. vacuum cleaners for the stores, Coffee and Creamer.

Please see Shirley in the church office for keys to the storage unit.  Please be sure to have your items in sealed boxes for storage and transit. 

*  Please no bags/sacks or items on hangers, they do not stack well and create a problem when loading on the truck. 

 no    Please DO NOT send Bibles or Books