February 2019   
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Our day began at the work site continuing our tasks as assigned yesterday. We applied stucco, mixed mortar, fine stucco, and regular stucco, and carried out our various assignments.

One of the highlights of our day was meeting with the students and teachers from the local junior high school. The students walked past us as they climbed the hill, girls dressed in their burgundy skirts and navy sweaters. Boys in their white dress shirts and navy pants. We noticed that some girls wore knee length skirts, and others wore skirts to the ankles. When we asked why, it turns out that, in a concession to Mayan culture, girls were given the choice of wearing the long skirts in the Mayan style. It seems that diversity is not a problem.

In some ways they seemed like typical students, laughing and kicking a soccer ball up hill. But they gathered at the top of the hill as their teacher instructed them. They listened while we introduced ourselves. The teachers and two students expressed their gratitude for the work we are doing in their community. Dr. Mike spoke for our group telling them how much we were in awe of their beautiful country, how smart they looked in their school uniforms, and then thanked them for welcoming us as visitors to their country.

It was a blessing to be able to meet some of the local people that our work will impact. The gentleman who spoke for the local community told a parable about a young boy who asked an old man why he was planting an avocado tree when it was likely that he would die before the tree produced fruit that he could eat. You are right, the old man said, but it will produce fruit that you will eat.

Wisdom of the ages, and a lesson for us as well.

----Julia y Christina