February 2019   
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Tuesday Evening before dinner we gathered in the yard of the River House where we stay to experience a lecture and play about Mayan culture.

A former Catholic catechist named Domingo Quino from San Andreas (where our work site is) described several events leading him to recognize the talent of being able to heal others thru dreams and listening to God as a Spiritual guide (an Aj’quij or ‘Growing Light’). His work is to recognize the spiritual side of a problem, identify the cause, and provide a solution.

Domingo held a Mayan ritual beginning with colored candles on a steel plate set on bricks in the center of the yard. He shared the 6 different colors and their meaning:

Rojo (Red) – color of our blood, the skin of Mayan people, the color of sun;

Negro (Black) – color of hair, skin of African people, eternal rest;

Amarillo (Yellow) – represents life, skin of Asian people, the energy of the East;

Blanco (White) – purity, the color of teeth and bones, the energy of the North;

Azul (Blue) – color of sky, expanse of the universe

Verde (Green) –the color of the earth and nature

During the prayer ceremony Domingo asked us to pray for three things – 1. Give thanks to God for all He has given us, 2. Ask God to be forgiven 3. Ask for blessings for our families and our neighbors. After the common prayer, Domingo prayed individually with each of us and placed holy water on us. We then added our candle to the center piece.

A play was performed afterwards that included several of his family (son, grandchildren, nephews) where there was a human, a jaguar, a monkey and a coyote. The marimba (see picture) music and dance told the story of the development of harmony between humans and animals.

The evening ended with a meal of Kaq’ik – a typical Quiche (one of the Mayan language groups that lives around where we stay) meal made of peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic, served in a soup with a piece of chicken. It was excellent.

-- Beth – Dr. Mike