February 2019   
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Starting Our Labor of Love

Monday was our first work day in Guatemala. The day started at the clinic maintained by the mission in San Andreas municipality. The first order of business was orientation. We learned about many of the programs and services that are provided by Mission Guatemala.

Mission Guatemala is not only “boots on the ground” labor performed by teams all literally from over the world. The origins of the mission is to help the Mayan people with basic medical needs that are sometimes lacking due to many reasons, but chief among them is socio-economic status. The goal of the mission is to build trust among the indigenous people by being respectful of their needs and culture.

Mission Guatemala has grown in numerous areas at the medical clinic. The clinic now features a doctor and nurses on staff, optometry care, dental care, pharmacy, and a recently added medical lab.

Other non-medical programs include (but not limited to): nutrition programs at school, at-home nutrition programs children from infancy through childhood, and scholarships for all school-aged children from elementary through high school.

We left the clinic to begin work on a school administration building also in San Andreas municipality. The construction project began in April of last year, and we are one of the many teams that are working to make this building a reality. Our job is to apply stucco to give both interior and exterior concrete block walls a finished appearance. We are mixing concrete and slinging stucco and loving our jobs.

As a first-timer in country, after seeing a sample of all the mission does first-hand, it seems like our mission team is performing a small task in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, it is truly amazing how God can take a small thing and multiply and build upon it to do great things. I marvel how far Mission Guatemala has come in less than eight years. I see great things yet to come.

I invite anyone who would like to know more about Mission Guatemala to check out the web site: http://missionguatemala.com/

-- Vaya con Dios, Bill