Susanna Wesley News & Updates

SWNS News and Updates

We have had several snow days these past 2 weeks, so we do not have much to report.  We will make up these days on Presidents’ Day and in April, when the MSD of Mt. Vernon makes up their days.

We were blessed to receive the Christmas Eve offering from the 11 PM service.  All of this offering will go toward scholarships in the Rev. Ed Miller Scholarship fund.   Just over $1300  was received this year!  This will allow 2-4 students to attend SWNS on a scholarship for a year.  The amount varies depending on the class the child enrolls in.  We offer half-scholarships where the family pays half and the remainder comes from the scholarship fund.  We are very grateful to all who donated their offering for this.  Your generosity will be a blessing to these students that will carry over into their future educations.   Thank you!

Keep your eyes and ears open for our upcoming Butter Braids sale. 
♦  We will begin selling braids on
   February 14th. 
♦♦ We will be taking orders until     
    March 5th.
♦♦♦ Delivery being on March 21st, 
     just in time for Spring Break and Easter!     

As always, please keep this ministry in your thoughts and prayers.  We are thankful for your love and support.


Check out the many cute pictures on our Facebook page – Susanna Wesley Nursery School.  There are new pictures daily!

laugh Thank you for the donations of hand wipes and snack baggies. We go through alot this time of year!

heart  This month we could use Cans of antibacterial hand wipes, 2 gallon baggies 

 laugh Thank you for keeping this ministry and these young families in your prayers.
Michelle Wheaton, Director