January 2019   
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Leadership Directory - 2019



CHURCH COUNCIL:   Chair- Rev. Dr. Mike Rynkiewich

Lay Leader- Mike Wheaton

Staff Parish Relations Chairperson- Mike Cash

Finance Committee Chairperson- Steve Magruder

Board of Trustees Chairperson-   TBD

Secretary-Gayle Priest 

Church Treasurer- Ron Bennett     Assistant Treasurer:  Ryan Stemple

Lay Member to Annual Conference-Harold Morgan

United Methodist Women President- Beth Crafton

United Methodist Men Representative- Mike Cash

Young Adult Representative-Ryan Stemple

The Pastor(s)- Rev. Christopher Millay-Senior Pastor
                     Rev. Ricky Simspon-Assoc. Pastor
                   *(Full Elder) - Rev. Dr. Mike Rynkiewich 

U.M.Y.F. Representative-Aly Simpson

At Large Members with vote: Donna Parsons, David Stevens, Marcia Schneider



Finance Committee: Chair - Steve Magruder

         David Morris              Mike Rynkiewich     Marcie Miller

         Steve Magruder         Brett Moye             Mike Cash                               

         Julie Pfister               

Ex-officio Members

           Treasurer                                     Ron Bennett

           Lay Leader                                   Mike Wheaton

           Lay Member Annual Conf.              Harold Morgan

           Financial Secretary                       Beth Schilling

           Endowment Representative           Marcie Miller

           Wills & Memorials                         Marcia Schneider

           Trustees Farm Representative        Mike Cash
           Trustee Representative                  ______TBD

Financial Secretaries  (Money Counters)

            Beth Schilling           Brenda Cash             Tina McCalment

            Alice Kendall            Virginia Alldredge      


Nominations & Leadership: Chair -Rev. Christopher Millay

            2019                    2020                         2021

            Karen Baker          Donna Juncker          Bob Stemple

            __________          Tina McCalment        Chuck Ries

            __________         ____________          __________

            (Nominations Secretary -Gayle Priest)


Staff Parish Relations Chair -Mike Cash  

             2019                          2020                    2021

             Carol Collier-Smith      Bill Crafton            Eric Stemple

             Lauren Stemple          Julie Pfister            __________         

             Mike Cash                   __________          __________


Ex-officio Member(s)                             

            Lay Leader                                Mike Wheaton                        

            Lay Member Annual Conf.           Harold Morgan

            Pastor                                       Christopher Millay

Trustees: Chair - Andrew Wilson    Vice-Chair, ----------?

             2019                          2020                        2021

            Yulonda Schutz           Andrew Wilson          Marcia Schneider

            Brooke Simpson         Andy White                Caitlin Ries

            Mike Smith                Kyle Dickey                Tony Juncker


            Ex-officio Members

            Farm Account Manager             Mike Cash

            Endowment Representative       Marcie Miller

            Wills & Memorial Chair.             Marcia Scheider



Teaching Team (Education) Coordinator:  Marcia Schneider

Assistant Coordinator          Beth Schilling

Nursery Care                          Emma Weilbrenner

Preschool – Pre-K                    Peg Heckman

K – 2nd Grade                        Gayle Priest

3rd – 6th Grade                       Marcia Schneider

7th – 12th Grade                      Rick & Brooke Simpson      


Membership Coordinator:  

Membership Secretary            Pam Bennett

Confirmation Classes              Rev. Christopher Millay


Director of Children / Youth Ministries:         Rev. Christopher Millay           

Men’s Saturday Fellowship:                            Mike Cash, Chair / Interim, David Stevens



Barnabas Ministries                     Lauren Stemple

Scouting Ministries                      Andy White

Camping / Hiking Ministries          Mathew Crafton

First Friends                               Virginia Alldredge

Sports Ministries                         Ryan Stemple

Posey County Cluster Rep.           Beth Strecker              


Missions Coordinator:   Julie Pfister

Local Missions                          Brenda Cash / Brooke Simpson (Interim)

      Angel Tree                            Brooke Simpson

      Caring Hearts                       Carol Collier-Smith

      Habitat for Humanity             Wyatt Brown

      Bereavement Meals               Donna Parsons / Beth Strecker

      Food Pantry                          Julie Pfister

Global Missions                        Rev. Dr. Mike Rynkiewich

     Bridges of Hope                     Teresa Rynkiewich

     Mountain Mission                   TBD

     Samaritan’s Purse                  Marcia Schneider


Hospitality Coordinators:   Donna Parsons & Beth Strecker

      Church Dinners                  

      Fellowship Meals                            

      Wonderful Wednesdays                        


Director of Susanna Wesley Nursery School:   Michelle Wheaton

Susanna Wesley Board of Directors:  Chair - ___________TBD

             2019                            2020                        2021

            Robbie Berridge            Jill Bates                    Ann Stemple

            Beth Crafton                Andy White                Jennifer Wilson

            Carol Collier-Smith       Donna Juncker           ____________

            Ex-officio Member(s)

            *Pastor-  Rev. Christopher Millay


Director of Visitation:   Donna Parsons

United Methodist Women:   Beth Crafton, Leader

      Co-Leader                                 Yulonda Schutz

      Treasurer                                  Jennifer Wilson

      Secretary                                  Donna Juncker


AREA ON WITNESS MINISTRIES:  Chair -Rev. Christopher Millay

Worship Support Team:

      Technology / Sound                    Logan Sitzman

      Acolytes                                     Brooke Simpson

      Ushers                                       Mike Wheaton

      Celebration Coordinator               Kim Reis   

      Easter Egg Hunt                          Peg Heckman

 Prayer Team, Coordinator:     Lonna Berridge           


Director of Music:  Beth Strecker

      Chancel Choir                             Beth Strecker

      Organist / Pianist                        Julie Cotner

      Substitute Organist                     Michelle Wheaton, Nancy Noon

      Pianists                                      Julie Cotner, Nancy Noon, Michelle Wheaton, Carol Collier-Smith

      Handbells                                   ________--TBD

      Praise Team                                Bob Stemple                         

      Instrument Ensemble                   Dennis Noon

      Grace Notes                                Lonna Berridge


       Web-Master                                Shirley Metcalf

       Church Newsletter                           "          "

       On–Line Directory                      Dave Morris & Doris Kuebler-Morris

       Historian                                   Harold Morgan