Please mark your days on your family calendar.  If your child is unable to acolyte on his/her assigned Sunday, try to  trade with another acolyte.  If that isn't possible, or if you have any questions please contact Brooke Simpson

Acolyte Instructions:

1. Dress in "nice" clothing - you're a special part of God's worship service
2. Arrive in Narthax no later than 10:25 am on your Sundays
3. Find neck crosses and have an adult light the candelighters just before entering.
4. Start down the aisle during the prelude music - stay beside your partner (it's not a race).
5. After lighting the candles, pull the wick downand the flame will go out.
6. Back down the altar stairs (don't turn your back on God).
7. Turn and proceed down the aisle, beside your partner.
8. As the sermon is ending, go to the back of the church to retrieve your candelighter.
9. Proceed down the aisle during the closing hymn, re-light the candlelighter with the flame from the candle, and snuff candle.
10. Back down the altar stairs again and wait by the altar railing for benediction.
11. After benediction, lead out - the preacher will follow behind you.

You and your partner are representing Christ's light going out into the world.

Thank you for serving God and His Church.

Contact:  Brooke Simpson, Acolyte Coordinator

  July 2020  
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